How to use our Golden Ayurvedic oil

How to use our Golden Ayurvedic oil

Our #1 best-seller of hair products, Golden Ayurvedic Hair oil is a must have for anyone who desires to have healthy, lustrous hair at its best potential!

Some people are not aware of what hair oiling is all about and how to use it. This blog post can help to diffuse the confusion our hair oils and hair oiling itself.




Apply to clean, damp hair (our hair tonic is the perfect pre-oil moisture boost) with focus on the roots and ends of your hair. Use daily, weekly or whenever your locks need a boost. Massage into scalp for a few minutes with fingertips or scalp massager. Leave it in and let air dry until your next wash for best results. OR if that is not possible for some reason give the oil at least 24 hours or overnight in your hair and then continue to your normal wash day routine. Our oils can be used as a hot oil treatment, scalp massage oil, pre-shampoo treatment, or a daily finishing oil.

*use a few drops on scalp, 3x per week for at least 4 weeks for growth and thickening. 

*massage scalp after applying oil for at least 15 minutes for maximum increased circulation



  • Is hair oiling only for ONE hair type??? 

A: No, all ranges of hair types can safely and effectively use hair oil it simply depends on the method a certain hair type uses the hair oil. Whether to leave it in, to only use a tiny amount etc. Fine, wavy hair will require much less hair oil than fine, course hair, yet both types can highly benefit from the process.


  • Is hair oiling necessary for healthy hair???

A: Well, no! What is "necessary"?!  But we can guarantee you that it will serve a wonderful purpose in your routine especially if you know how to use it for your particular hair strands and needs. 


  • Why can't I use any "oil " as a hair oil???

A: While you can certainly use any oil on your hair, you will likely reap the most benefits from those that are specifically formulated for the betterment of your hair. Some oils can penetrate the hair shaft to support moisture retention, while others only coat the hair. Our hair oil blend contains a plethora of nourishing ingredients like, Kalahari Melon Seed oil, Myrobalan, Hibiscus, Black seeds and Amla, and much more check it out here

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