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 My higher soul self, angels and I have lovingly put lost souls back on their own higher purpose path, transferred divine guidance, connecting them to their lost loved ones and more. I am humbled to be able to tune into other beings and understand their place in life, their emotional/spiritual states etc. I do not take it lightly to do this work, it is not a trend for me, that I am participating in. It is a part of my soul purpose.

Michelle is a third-generation psychic with deep Creole, Native American, French heritage. She is keeping the wise woman/herbalist/Intuitive tradition alive that began with her Great Grandmother Hattie. Michelle is a messenger guide and a Archangel Michael descendent.

As a Starseed/orchid child she has always been a highly sensitive, emotional being. Through some troubling life experiences that forced her to become independent and dive into spirituality as a safe haven she has been guided to share her gifts with others, for the highest benefit of all.


 Booking: If you are a new client and are curious if we are a good fit, contact for a complimentary 15-minute discovery call. 

*Prices vary by the duration of each session.


 Personalized intuitive guidance, connecting with loved ones, angels, relationship reading, tarot and more.

 30 minutes - 68$

1 hour - 130$

2 hours in depth reading consisting of any topics, an energy clearing and restoring, notes and 'homework' for later reference. - 255$



  Featured Feedback:

 "Michelle has a natural gift for channeling, she picked up on wounds from my past, present, and future self. I felt very comfortable sitting with her and discussing my spiritual path. Her guidance is nurturing and gentle-- I felt space in her presence. Her words touched very deep parts of my soul and left me feeling seen and understood. I'm grateful to have followed my gut and received a reading from Michelle. I highly recommend her services." - Ash


"The reading I received from you was so supportive and helped me open up to receive this new love that has entered into my life. In the reading you told me about someone wanting to join me in my energy. I had a date the next day that I ended up canceling with this person and that cancellation is part of what drew him closer to me as he admired my authenticity and the way I communicated. I've felt safer with him and our connection, and my heart has been blossoming like a flower in the spring thank you for your intuitive guidance." -Bryn


 Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change depending on various factors. Michelle cannot guarantee any which answers, connection with certain souls/loved ones etc. Although her work has a 99% satisfaction rate, it is impossible to force a spirit to talk with you, sometimes it is not the correct time, there is nothing for you to know or another reason for a misaligned or "incomplete" reading. Other times it may be an incompatibility between client and the medium. Therefore, Michelle does her absolute best to get to the point of your inquiry. Please go into this with an open mind for the outcome, whilst still explain to your best ability what results you are seeking.