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 My higher soul self, angels and I have lovingly put lost souls back on their own higher purpose path, transferred divine guidance, connecting them to their lost loved ones and more. I am humbled to be able to tune into other beings and understand their place in life, their emotional/spiritual states etc. I do not take it lightly to do this work, it is not a trend for me, that I am participating in. It is apart of my soul purpose.

 Could we make a good fit? Reach out and we would have to determine that upon meeting. Your intuition will lead you to the right teacher for you. Let it . 💖



Michelle is a third-generation psychic with deep Creole, Native American, French heritage. She is keeping the wise woman/herbalist/Intuitive tradition alive that began with her Great Grandmother Hattie. Michelle is a messenger guide and a Archangel Michael descendent.

As a Starseed/orchid child she has always been a highly sensitive, emotional being. Through some troubling life experiences that forced her to become independent and dive into spirituality as a safe haven she has been guided to share her gifts with others, for the highest benefit of all.