Individuality as an anchor for life

Individuality as an anchor for life

Individuality is imperative for self-development, self-awareness and a mainstay to avoid unhealthy habits in relationships like Co-Dependency. But it is largely discouraged in society. For centuries we've seen individuals become exiled from their communities and looked down upon for living by the beat of their own drum. Scientists, Artists, Spiritual folk and the like happen to be the most genius people and are gaslit for expressing themselves, called 'crazy' for being original. That has not left as a main response to individuals today. With the age of social media more are often shamed for being their true selves. 

The reality is we cannot lead a truly high vibrational life that surpasses our ancestors if we are trapped in group think. There is a vulnerability in standing out but to know that we have crafted a life that is entirely ours when looking back on our lives is that much more rewarding than looking back in regret wishing we weren't trying to impress people who would not otherwise like us if we were being our true selves or vice versa.

To fit in is temporary since it is based on trends anyhow. Watch what unfurling and growth can take place by just staying in tune with your soul essence. Life can take us in astonishing directions just by practicing staying in our 'home frequency'. Going out to nature to ground ourselves, separate ourselves from the influence of others to hear our own inner voice is key to staying on our path.

People often ask me in readings, will this or that happen? The true question to YOU is what does your soul desire? We have free will overall in this lifetime, we aren't meant to stay in the borders. Things shift and we must move with those shifts in life, any 'akashic records' blueprint etc are only meant to be guides, not set rules.


Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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