Exploring the Roots of Our Line

Exploring the Roots of Our Line

Sustainably sourced self-care creations from the heart. Channeled recipes for a beautiful self-adornment ritual. Fueled by my passion for holistic living. I believe in a slow, conscious healing lifestyle that feeds our souls daily. After a rude awakening at 16 years old, riddled with chronic gut issues that showed up as prolonged constipation, sudden acne, and lack of energy, my intuition went into over-drive pushing me into holistic healing practices. I changed my diet dropping fast foods, sodas and artificial sugars altogether, began working out regularly. Hell, I even changed my entire friend group and picked up book reading again and piano!  A total life change occurred, and I never looked back. My entire life story is a bit more complex than that, of course! A fire inside of me pushed me to dare to be different, like actually live and do that!

I was eager to get away from the drab life I saw around me, I always yearned for a higher vibrational life that reflected who I truly am. The road less traveled is called so for a reason. I chose that rode and never looked back. I am here to confirm, it is NOT easy to go your own way, to forge a completely new path that is customized to fit you instead of accepting whatever is in front of you. My gut told me there was more to life than generational trauma, boy craziness, poverty, pain or vanity etc. Since my initial rude awakening at 16 I promised myself I will do all in my power to reach my highest potential in life, no matter how scary or unconventional. I have successfully been through the worst and came back thriving multiple times in my young life. I regret nothing and am so honored to be a vessel for spirit and my higher self to work through.

When I was not busy being a tomboy, free-spirited child I was a homebody caring for my hair, reading magazines, listening to music or working on some new creative project I had in mind. I healed my (then permed hairs) from damaged ends and stagnant growth through consistent use of whatever decent and natural that I could get my hands on. To me, it didn't matter if extensions were available the hair that grows out of our heads is the most important and it needs to be respected first and foremost. When I finally went "natural" in 2015 it was slightly new territory, but I never gave up adjusting to it. As an ingredient snob and health nut who read every hair product diligently, I tried pretty much every so-called natural product out there. 

Overtime, I found I wanted products that were more sophisticated, lush and beautiful to use, personal and poetic, not just a pretty package with two cool ingredients. I had a drive to create natural products geared to take care of high porosity, fragile hair that has unique needs. For years of only creating for myself and those around me, I found what works best and what I am drawn to. I feel nourished by the traditions of ethnic cultures like the Indian and West African women and how they treat their vessels with specific herbs and modalities. My great grandmother Hattie also inspires me as she was a medicine woman of our lineage, fetching for only natural remedies for the family. Never even taking an aspirin or chemical for pain. This skill for herbalism, cooking, and self-healing came natural to me and so I am passing it on to those who resonate.


thank you for being here.


with love, Michelle

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