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La Sirena Michelle

Mer-men Hair oil (Male-pattern baldness restoration hair oil)

Mer-men Hair oil (Male-pattern baldness restoration hair oil)

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A rendition of our Best-Selling 'Golden Ayurvedic hair oil' but for Men! Males typically have hormones from the testosterone that can block or impede hair growth. With our formula, the Mer-men hair oil can help to speed up growth that is stagnant, fill-in balding areas and restore those trouble areas men tend to experience.

Note: If your hair follicles have already died and you have not grown hair in a certain area for several years, it may be time to receive a scalp/ follicle analysis from a professional.



  • Increase Density
  • Speed up hair growth
  • Fill in balding areas
  • Darkens grays
  • Softens hair
  • Bring back shine and luster



Apply 1-2 dropperfuls for whole beard and scalp application on damp hair 3 times a week, massage in and let air dry or Apply to damp hair as needed.




 Bakul flower, borage, Senna seeds, fenugreek seeds, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Vetiver seeds, Dried amla, Myrobalan, Sweet flag, Horsetail root, Peppermint, cloves, screw tree pods, bawchi seeds, Alkanet, Nigella seeds, Hemp seed oil, Extra Virgin olive oil, Pumpkinseed oil, Bhringarj, Saw palmetto, Sweet Almond oil infused Calendula,

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