A source to help guide you back within. Ancient recipes, Ansector inspired, with the finest, wild-harvested & ethically sourced ingredients.

What brought us here?

With a drive for all things holistic health, cooking from scratch, Spiritual healing, creating a thriving lifestyle that had not even been modeled for me, & a love of natural body care products, it's been a long time coming. I was the witchy girl to give all types of natural remedies to my family and friends for any concerns they had, or experiement endlessly crafting my own products for hair & skin. A true ambivert that loved to dedicate a day's time to deep conditoning or moisturizing to keep my hair healthy. It's my pleasure to share my creations with the world finally.

  • The mission

    We would love to spread the love. Share the incredible potential and uses of many of natures secret herbs. My 9 years and counting with herbs and alternative healing as well as specific reaseach has went into the products. There are many who are not living harmoniously with themselves. With the inconsistent poor quality of air, food, and lack of knowledge or access of health foods that are best for us it is far too easy to slip into a slump in our health & wellness. We will have a foundation dedicated to taking care of children, minorites and women in need of essentials or our lovely body care. For now we do our best to spread love, encourage and love on our communities through our products.

  • Exclusive, Rare, Ethically Sourced

    What's different with us is we search for and utilize the UNDERutilized ingredients, methods and traditions to craft the products you will enjoy. All natural, potent ayurvedic hair lotions, oils & tonics. Body scrubs and an uber opulent facial oil on the way for 2024. This is a safe space to enjoy quality without compromise.

  • Environment Ethos

    As an enviornmental advocate since a younge age, Founder, Michelle understands the damaging affects of excess plastic waste and improper trash handling has on land and oceans everywhere. We strive to use glass as much as possible, recycled plastic, or bamboo materials. We do encourage our customers to recycle & reuse containers they obtain anyhow. We know that glass can break that is why we continue to look for the most convient yet safe for enviornment packaging. In the meantime we pack them carefully and gently each time. We look forward to working with wholesale material suppliers in the future who can compliment our desire for sustainable packaging that is biodegradable or close to it.

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Multimedia collage

  • Graceful awareness

    Selecting moments to care for our vessel. Our collection is crafted to bring us back into the senses. Encouraging all to embrace those little moments. Notice the nuane of your body and it's responses to your care.

  • Nature lovers

    Inspired by the unending need for solitute in nature. Any highly sensitive being knows the need to seek solace, peace and nurtuance in nature.

  • Facing our dragon within

    Being on a spiritual journey is as rewarding as it is exhausting. I have experienced the deep depths of darkness and lonilness to the warm, cocooning plateu of healing love from angels and spirit. I've crafted this collection intuitively for those who'd love to find ways to connect with themselves. Start your journey here. There is nothing to avoid, run away from or distract yourself from. The path to healing starts now.