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La Sirena Michelle

24 herbs H-air tonic

24 herbs H-air tonic

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 Hydrate and nourish your hair with the 24 herbs H-air Tonic


Luxuriate in the bliss of this complex recipe and experience beautiful, nourished tresses. Formulated with over 24 super nourishing herbs, fresh Aloe Juice, this tonic helps to reduce hair loss, create fuller hair, and stimulate healthy hair growth. The smell from the Clove and Peppermint essential oils can also help to ground and uplift your emotional and spiritual state. A true luxurious and multi-use experience. 


We source our herbs from organic, fair-trade farms locally and some from Bulgaria. Some herbs we are able to harvest and use from our own garden or from the many beautiful herbs and trees that happen to be in our garden.



Directions: Spray onto clean scalp, ends or length of hair as needed. Use to dampen hair before your normal products or hair oiling. Shake before use.



IngredientsOat straw, Mint leaf, fenugreek seed, black pepper, green tea, Yerba mate, red raspberry leaf, Plantain leaf, Calendula, Oregano, Sage, lavender, Yarrow flower, Marshmallow root, Arnica flowers, Corn silk, Chamomile flower, Watercress, Burdock, Hops, Bay leaves, Vervain, lemon myrtle, Filtered water, Organic Aloe vera juice, Veg Glycerin, Essential oils of clove, rosemary, peppermint, Eco preservative.


4oz Amber glass spray jar

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