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La Sirena Michelle

Full moon Blessed Fixed Candles (Limited Edition)

Full moon Blessed Fixed Candles (Limited Edition)

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(New) Full moon blessed 7-day candles now available! 


GREEN: GOOD FORTUNE- Self-explanatory, put a kick in your abundance in all ways! Also, for fertility, love and nature energy. MONEY COMES TO ME EASILY AND FREQUENTLY.


GOLD: SOLAR PLEXUS- Owning your Personal power, developing individuality, masculine energy, good luck, creativity, strong boundaries with others.


WHITE: GODDESS SANCTUARY- Develop feminine energy within, connect with angels and spirit/elementals, purification, protection. Channel mothering energy for self.



Size: 8" tall, each individual candle is about 1 lb


 Each candle will come with a paper guide to show one how to use the candle properly. 



With a background of Southern creole, Cherokee Indian/Maroon, West African ancestry Michelle is highly skilled in providing high vibrational spiritual tools for the benefit of others. She is trained in the arts of Working with Angels, Holistic healing, herbal magic, connecting with fae energy and more. Pulling forth centuries worth of knowledge from her ancestors regarding herbalism, healing our karma and soul, intuitive Channeling just to name a few.

With your added intention these candles are sure to be the perfect tool for you to bring forth your intended desires.

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