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La Sirena Michelle

Golden Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Golden Ayurvedic Hair Oil

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Our Golden Ayurvedic Hair Oil is the ultimate blend of nature's finest ingredients to give your hair a luxurious and nourishing boost. We take pride in making our own nourishing base oil of Calendula-infused cold pressed almond oil. This base infusion sits for a minimum of 14 weeks at a time. This alone has beautiful results for our scalp and hair.

After our base oil is complete, we then infuse that oil with added Ayurvedic herbs, and a selection of lightweight cold-pressed oils and a specific selection of essential oils that only add to the nutritious hair benefits like Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, and more...

 It is safe to say you can transform your scalp and strands with this luxurious and holistic hair care option. 

The full benefits of this hair oil:

⭐Softens hair 
⭐Strengths roots⭐ 
⭐Promotes hair growth
⭐Nourishes scalp especially an irritated/ sensitive scalp
⭐Postpartum and hair loss prevention

⭐Conditioner for damaged hair

⭐ Endless skincare benefits too! (Like reducing redness and inflammation for rashes or eczema, natural sunscreen and more)
⭐Maintains healthy hair follicles for fast growth
Brings out natural highlights in blonde hair
⭐️ improve split ends!
⭐️Grow hair longer & stronger!
⭐️ helps dry scalp and dandruff
⭐️ FREE OF: Coconut oil, mineral oil, parabens, silicones, petroleum or any chemicals
⭐️ Add shine!
⭐️control hair fall/breakage

With a healthful, whole foods diet of proper nutrition and hydration, consistent use for 2-3 months your hair will improve greatly from this treatment.

Directions: Massage oil onto scalp on clean and preferably damp hair, focusing on the length of hair and ends and any portion of your crown that needs some extra love. Massage oil into scalp with your fingertips or a massage tool for 5-15 minutes at a time to increase circulation (also just as a relaxing ritual!)  Use for hot oil treatments, add to your shampoo, use as a pre-poo conditioning oil or daily styling oil. Use at least a full dropperful 3-4 times per week, stimulating the scalp for best results.

Ingredients: *Calendula herbal oil (Calendula officinalis), organic almond oil, horsetail, rosemary leaves, borage flower, hibiscus, Curry leaves, vetiver root, bakul flower, bawchi seeds, fenugreek seeds, rose petals, alkanet, licorice root, nigella seeds, dried alma, white turmeric, and more Ayurvedic herbs, Complex essential oil hair blend. Kalahari melon seed oil, Ojon & pequi cold pressed oils.



                                         ~       Testimonials  ~

"My hair has grown 2+ inches & I received a scalp treatment from one of my Cosmetology classmates and she commented on how healthy my scalp looked. I told her that I was using your oil and it had a lot of natural ingredients" Camilla B.

"My hair looks so good after two days of using your oil! Just lush and healthy, shiny, full!" Britany 

"Hi! I tried your hair oil sample this morning and it's amazing. Smells so good and feels way better than some of the store brands I've been using. " Tracy


"I LOVE this hair oil so much Michelle. I've been using it for few days now. My ends feel super nourished, and I just love the smell. " Molly


"My hair has grown, and the little gray hairs seem darker. I ran out oil, so I need some asap lol."  Janice H.


"Since our last visit, I started using your Ayurvedic hair oil nightly and massaging my scalp as well as applying the Ayurvedic hair butter and after 3 weeks I noticed chunks of my hair stopped falling out, my hair color is more vibrant and softer!!" Charlie

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