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La Sirena Michelle

Miracle leaf soap

Miracle leaf soap

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Miracle leaf soap made with goats' milk, real Kalanchoe Pinnata and a customized formula with Gingko leaf and Ceylon cinnamon to enhance the powers of the miracle leaf. Also known as the "leaf of life". 

Although in most countries it is utilized for its health benefits it is quite the miracle’ when used in your spiritual work. 

Miracle leaf benefits:
Spiritually, the miracle leaf is said to be able to perform quite the miracle in your life via:
Attracting good fortune and success in life
Increasing sales, customers, and profits in business 
Warding off evil forces, curses, witchcraft
Enhances meditation and focus
Protection against negative energies 
Divination and dreamwork
Ritual offerings and altar decor
Purification ✨


Goat’s milk 🥛 has been used since ancient times for its spiritual and physical benefits. It has calming and relaxing properties to soothe the mind, body & spirit. This creates a more serene atmosphere to focus on your spiritual manifestation. 
other secret Goats milk benefits are Reconnecting with inner self and with the divine, empowerment, to conjure the beauty and magic that life has to offer, abundance, nurturing & vitality, offering of gratitude, healing, cleaning, purifying, enhances psychic abilities, heightens intuition & spiritual awareness.




Note: This soap is made without fragrance. The scent is a subtle and pleasant scent that occurs naturally. My customized formula with the miracle leaf is the reason for the color variance and or the way the leaf is placed within the soap, which could vary with each batch. please be aware that it is all the same soap and ingredients, never any chemicals or coloring ❤️✨ 

Size: each bar will vary in specific size; approximately 2-3 oz


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