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La Sirena Michelle

Mother Earth Body scrub™

Mother Earth Body scrub™

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A Blessed, nourishing coffee body scrub made with Organic local fresh coffee grounds, royal ginseng, unrefined organic plant butters & more.


Prime exfoliation abilities for face & body alike.


💫🌹🌸 Using this scrub is like interacting with mother earth herself.


coffee scrub benefits:


brightens skin sloughing away dead skin layers

gentle exfoliation

reduce puffiness in face

minimize dark circles

anti-aging, can help diminish lines



- take a small handful, activate the scrub with a dash of water and feel the amazing, replenishing minerals and cleansing properties. 

- can be used without water if you prefer a dry scrub (kind of like dry brushing)

- DOUBLE POWER: can be used as the only cleanser & moisturizer of the day!!


*will possibly cause a mess in the sink or bathtub but oh so worth it :)

(use a screen to catch the scrub from falling down the drain if that is a concern)

Ingredients: Organic coffee grounds, pink Himalayan salt, organic turmeric powder, shea butter, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Mango butter, raw sugar, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, royal ginseng extracts, natural non-paraben preservative.


Scent profile: This smells like a divine dip into a mineral bath full of coffee with notes of a tea tree and lavender in a steam room!

(Range of color can vary by batch from a yellow-black color from the turmeric to a darker hue like black coffee.)



                                                  ~Featured Testimonials~ 

"The body scrub, I live by it. It is so nice and loving to my skin. I love that I can mostly rinse with the shea butter while exfoliating and enlivening coffee grinds. Come out of the shower so fresh and so clean! I love using it during a nice cool shower these days. Find my skin glowing after! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Nylah


"I literally LOVE the body scrub. I will be a long-time customer that's for sure. Game changer!" -Crystal Profitt


"The mother earth body scrub is amazing!  - it surprisingly leaves the perfect amount of moisture without feeling oily :) "- Michelle Belasco


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